Underwater Observatory

The Busselton Underwater Observatory at the end of the Busselton Jetty is one of the hilights of visiting the northern Margaret River Region. Get a glimpse of the marine life close up and personal with a guided tour beneath the waves of Geographe Bay. Extraordinary.

Beneath Geographe Bay

The Underwater Observatory at the Busselton Jetty gives you the unique experience of exploring the underwater world... without getting wet!

There's something amazing about witnessing underwater ocean life which has been slowly gathering around the pier since the 1800s. Before then, Geographe Bay remained unbroken, invisible beneath the waves. 


"The present name of Busselton derives from the Bussell family. It was first officially used in June 1835" which coincided with the construction of the Jetty. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Busselton)

It is one of the oldest settlements in Western Australia and the current townsite has been ideal from the start.

The town and Jetty have stood the test of time, and the pier has brought its own ecosystem into the depths of the bay.

Arriving at the Observatory

The Observatory is out towards the end of the Jetty.  You will arrive at the Underwater Observatory having either waked the 1.8km historic Jetty (phew!) or having cruised the length of the Jetty by train!

Above Geographe Bay

The 1.8km stretch of Busselton Jetty into the shallow waters of Geographe Bay creates an unprecedented opportunity to stand so far out above, as well as see below the waves.

The shallow bay was named after a ship, the Geographe, captained by French explorer Nicolas Baudin.

It is easy to imagine sailing into the sheltered waters of the bay back in 1801. It is also easy to see why in 1865 the first section of the Jetty was constructed. The bay is very shallow for a long, long way.

It is hard to believe how much life lies just below the waves of a sandy, sloping bay off of the Indian Ocean, but thanks to the Underwater Observatory, this is possible. 

Pier Habitat

The Busselton Jetty is the longest wooden jetty (pier) in the southern hemisphere, which is its official world standing. It is a long, long way from shore. 

Unbeknownst to us when looking from above, the entire jetty / pier has created an ideal habitat for many types of aquatic life.

At the end of the Jetty lies the Underwater Observatory, which gives us a glimpse into what is just below the waves.


Not only do you get to go underwater, but you get to gradually descend beneath the waves and watch the life of Geographe Bay unfold before you.

It really is descending into the deep... 

Your guide will explain what creatures are swimming outside but look carefully you may spot something that's just cruised in!

Life is in constant motion under Geographe Bay.

Unique glimpse

The life around the Busselton Jetty has a unique aquatic environment, by offering a series of regular posts with sea-level shade in an otherwise wide, empty Bay.

This creates an unique environment where many creatures live. The underwater observatory is an amazing chance to GO to the place only experienced divers can visit. Without getting wet!

Observe safely from below

Forty people can easily meander through the levels of the Observatory.

There are plenty of ultra-clear viewing windows which offer more than enough space for everyone to view the sea life. 

It is comfortable and spacious.

Underwater Observatory

Experiencing the multitude of creatures unveils the volume of creatures living just below the surface of otherwise empty blue water. 

A knowledgeable tour guide will share information about the aquatic life currently inhabiting the base of the Pier and throughout Geographe Bay.

The information is top notch and there is plenty of time to ask questions about anything you see outside.

Take the Train?

Yes. We highly recommend it.

Book your tickets at the Interpretive Centre. It's worth the ride. 

Two km is quite a lengthy walk sometimes, but a ride out into Geographe Bay in a shaded open sided train... how cool could it possibly get!

The train leaves on the hour from the distinctive and much photographed Interpretive Centre, including a museum and shop selling unique gifts and artisan wares.

More on Busselton?

The Jetty is the center point of Busselton's foreshore. Find out more about the Jetty and Foreshore here...

Busselton City and Surrounds

Busselton City and Surrounds
Busselton is one of the most pleasant cities we have ever visited in one of the nicest locations on the planet. Busselton boasts the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere yet has much more to explore. Visit Busselton City and Surrounds

Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty
At 1841 metres the Busselton Jetty offers an unprescedented opportunity to walk almost two kilometers out into Geographe Bay. The Busselton Jetty also has an underwater observatory which was built to take you beneath the waves of Geographe Bay. Visit Busselton Jetty

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