Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse sits on the northern cape at the south western end of Geographe Bay. A working lighthouse that is indispensable sits watch on the south Indian Ocean. For a small fee you can be given a tour of the lighthouse and view the surrounding countryside and ocean from the top.

Northern Cape

Set way to the north on the rocky point just west of Busselton is Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. You will see it if you look south (left) offshore when twilight comes from the Busselton foreshore.

Unlike its twin on the southern cape, Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse is planted firmly on a rocky base 100 meters above sea level.

It starts high up and gets even higher!

Tour Bookings

We recommend booking tours well in advance. 

In busy seasons it is common to have many of the tours booked out for the day. 

Call and see! You can book by telephone on: (08) 9755 3955

33°31′S 115°00′E

The lighthouse's location is spectacular. Amazing views in every direction over Geographe Bay and the Indian Ocean.


Not the ideal place to be when the wind and rain are howling, but that's when the light is so important! 

When it is dark, cold and the weather is being relentless the light guides you home. Seafaring is definitely a brave human's life.

Official History

"Opened with great ceremony by John Forrest in 1895, the lighthouse has since been automated. The lighthouse, besides being a navigational aid, serves as an important automatic weather station. The lighthouse's buildings and grounds are now vested in the local tourism body and the single (1960s) and double (1980s) communications towers that were north-west of the lighthouse, seen in older photographs of Cape Leeuwin, have been removed." ~ Wikipedia

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