Caves Not To Miss

Of course if the purpose of your visit is to go spelunking then you will want to visit every single cave you can. If you are visiting for a short time we recommend looking at this shortlist. Every cave is good. Every cave is different and they all vary in difficulty.

Shortlist of Caves to Visit

If you're in Margaret River for a short time, and can only visit one cave I would say your choice comes down to three of them, and luckily they are all in completely different areas of the Margaret River Region! Pick your direction and go!

The caves of the region are all generally considered solutional caves and form in rock that is soluble, such as limestone. Rock is dissolved by natural acid in groundwater that seeps through bedding-planes, faults, joints and so on. Over geological epochs cracks expand to become caves and cave systems.

Caves Road

The limestone ridge stretching from Cape Naturaliste in the north to Cape Leeuwin in the South is filled with such caves. Drive along Caves Road and you pass several of the regional caves.

Imagine what discovering one of them must have been like when you travel back in time to the Margaret River region's ancient history. Each cave that offers tours in the region is amazing. This is our shortlist and are well worth the visit:

Ngili Cave in the North

Ngilgi Cave

Ngilgi Cave
Ngilgi Cave is an amazing Karst cave system with the most beautiful array of varied crystal formations including shawls and helictites. The semi-guided tour gives you basic knowledge and cave history from the expert and friendly Guide plus personal exploration time. A great choice of range of exploratory tours are available to get you up close and personal with Ngilgi. 5 minute drive from Yallingup. Visit Ngilgi Cave

Lake Cave in the middle

Lake Cave

Lake Cave
Descend 350 steps beneath the ground to discover the exquisitely beautiful Lake Cave so named because of its permanent lake within. Be guided through the silent idyllically lit cave as you learn about its past, present and future. CaveWorks Eco Centre and Lake Cave Tearooms onsite. 20 minutes south of Margaret River Town. Visit Lake Cave

Jewel Cave in the South

Jewel Cave

Jewel Cave
Jewel Cave is one of the southern-most caves, only a short drive north from Augusta. It is the largest open-to-the-public cave in WA. It is named after the Jewel Casket, a small chamber in the lower sections of the cave. Visit Jewel Cave



More Caves?

This is not the definitive list of the caves in the area. 

There are dozens that can be visited by people, some require experienced guides, some are self-guided. 

Always ensure you are prepared and call ahead where possible. 

There is another list of Caves with more information about some of the other major caves that are easy for people to visit.

Other Caves in the Margaret River Region

Caves of the Margaret River Region

Caves of the Margaret River Region
The region from Busselton to Augusta is one of Australia's most cave-rich areas with unique formations accessible to young and old. The entryways into these caves are as amazing as what is inside. Descend and explore them for yourself... 6 of over 100 are open to the public for viewing. Visit Caves of the Margaret River Region

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Lake Cave, Margaret River RegionLake Cave, Margaret River RegionLake Cave, Margaret River RegionMammoth Cave, Margaret River RegionMammoth Cave, Margaret River Region
Mammoth Cave, Margaret River RegionNgili Cave, Margaret River RegionNgili Cave, Margaret River RegionNgili Cave, Margaret River Region

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