Surfers Point Prevelly

Surfers Point Prevelly is the reason Margaret River has grown from a tiny outback town to a region filled with the spirit of adventure. If you are an experienced surfer, you will already know why you are stopping here. If you want to see surfing, this is the spot to watch the way Australians handle some of the best Indian Ocean waves.

Surfers Point Break

This is the number one surfing location in Margaret River. The waves are great, easily accessible and reliable. 

It also has top notch facilities for both surfers and spectators. 

Several years ago during the bushfires, the fire tore through this area leaving the old platforms and stairs nothing but charred cinders.

What they have put in place to replace them is truly outstanding.

Top Notch all round

Large carparks and tiered grassy areas make this a wonderful place to visit and view the waves, and the surfers riding them. 

On almost every day of the week you will find people riding the waves.

The beach itself curves around the point with the waves reaching the bottom of the dune stairs with swells at high tide.

The Beach?

With clean golden sand it does offer a wonderful place for a beach walk towards the river mouth, as it puts you right up and close to the massive waves crashing around the point. Just be careful when travelling with children. We would not recommend leaving children unattended on this beach for an instant. 


 This is not the same location as the carpark by the rivermouth (which is also top-notch), but you can walk between these two locations by footpaths above the beach. 

The limestone cliffs which support the dunes are home to many wild birds and species and it is very clear where you are not to walk. Observe the signs to keep this a special place for everyone.

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